El artista español Fernando Bayona fue una de las estrellas del Gallery Weekend en la Ciudad de México. Su fotografía habita entre la realidad y la ficción, entre la narrativa cinematográfica y la naturaleza del ser humano, enfrentando así temas religiosos con temática gay. No es sorpresa que su obra ha sido censurada docenas de veces.

“Motel Capri” es el nombre de esta obra que presentó anteriormente en Photo London Fair. Foto vía Instagram.

The Client” forma parta de su serie “The Life of The Other”, foto vía Instagram

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More images from THE LIFE OF THE OTHER photo series that will be shown in my solo project at ZONA MACO FOTO. Title of the image "The news" The series The Life of the Other is a research project made of 12 images which are half way between documentary photography and staged photography. The project reflects upon the use of the body as working tool for three groups of professionals. These groups are both sides of the coin of desire. On one of the coin are the strippers and porn actors as unobtainable object of desire. On the other side are male prostitutes who are not just obtainable but occupy a somehow subordinate role. The name of the project refers to the double set of identities these workers have in order to protect their privacy. They develop an alter ego as a sort of a virtual mask to differentiate themselves from who they are. To perform the tasks their profession requires they create a construct which mutates to adapt to the different demands of the customers, thus becoming – consciously or unconsciously – actors who have very particular type of existence. The initial phase of the project was to interview those involved in it to get to know the real person beneath the mask to fully understand their reality. These interviews will work as the foundation to recreate one of those experiences. The mise en scène of these moments tries to bring to light those very private and intimate stories which tend to remain unknown by most people due to the stigma, the social rejection towards these professions. The characters in the photographs are portrayed by professional actors, who help re-enacting the chosen moment, as well as the real protagonists of the story. This way the sex workers can preserve their anonymity even though their faces are exposed. A double fiction is created: one is the character which protects them from society, the alter ego, and the other the character they are interpreting at the time the photograph is taken. The viewer will not know who the real character is and who the interpreter or the interpreted is. FOR MORE: www.fernandobayona.com #fernandobayona #news #mexico #df #zonamaco #zonamacofoto #artoftheday #artcollector #blood

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Esta exposición se presentó en Almanaque Fotográfica .